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In order to avoid the noise generator, how to do sound engineering
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A generator generator pricewhen the running speed of 1500rpm, in the distance unit meters will have 105 dB of noise, in order to avoid the noise came out of the room, the silencers engineering should consist of the following links.

1. room entry of the silencer:

, each room has at least more than one entry, from the point of view of silencing, room door should not set too much, generally set up a door, a small door, vague streamers Wei Dui beer laugh mast ruffian Wu possible is not more than 3 square meters, structure of a metal framework, attached to high strength insulation material, external metal iron, 2.silencing doors and walls and a door frame cooperate closely.

Silencing air intake system of diesel engine,

diesel engine work, there must be adequate intake in order to maintain the normal operation, the general intake system should be set in the opposite direction unit fan outlet, according to our experience, into the wind using forced into the wind, into the wind passes through a sound deadening monsoon trough is blower is pumped into the room.

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