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Effect of air quality on the work of diesel generator
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If diesel generators generatorare used indoors, we must make sure that he had enough fresh air. If the room seal too tight, it will lead to poor air circulation, so that not only affects the diesel engine of the diesel combustion rate will also reduce the cooling performance of the unit, into the air but not to, the heat generation unit row, inside the room temperature will gradually rise, to reach the Red Alert value caused failure, so is generally a room not installing windows security net to replace glass and windows from the ground height should not be too high, it will also affect diesel generating set "a breath of fresh air. Some customers do not take into account the factors of the surrounding environment in the outdoor use of diesel generator sets, but only the use of the. As time passes, it is found that the power of the diesel engine slowly drops, but do not know why. In fact, this is diesel generator inhaled a lot of dirty air or inhalation of dust and quicksand caused the diesel engine power decline, if the generator suction dirt magazine will make rotor clearance between the insulation failure, serious will cause the generator burned. Therefore, the use of diesel generator set in the outdoor must ensure that the quality of the surrounding environment, or to take the necessary protective measures to "filter" air.

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