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Teach you the choice of diesel generating set power technique
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:power

Buy diesel generator set, only pay attention to its performance, price, aspects and so on fuel generator 80kva priceconsumption of energy is not enough, to know more about the choice of diesel generating set power points, to this, many users are sciolistic, confusion of diesel generator set in the Lord with the role of power, all in the China summarizes some main points of the diesel generating set power to choose to share with you. Diesel generating set is using the main power that is in our domestic continuous power to nominal, generating set can be within 24 hours of continuous use of maximum power we call it a continuous power, and in a certain period of time, the standard is every 12 hours with 1 hour can on the basis of continuous power overload 10, the unit power is what we usually call maximum power, namely the standby power, that is to say, if you buy is main with 400 kw unit, so you have one hour within 12 hours can run up to 440 kw, if you buy the spare 400 kw unit, if you don't overload is normally open in 400 kw, in fact, the unit has been open in overload condition (because the unit actual rated power is 360 kw), the unit is very bad, will shorten the life of the unit and cause high failure rate. So, the choice of the best power diesel generating set is based on the user's total load and 10% power reserves, both economic and practical. In addition to China all need to be remind consumers that majority is to use the standby power in the world, there is a difference between this and the domestic, so often appear on the market of irresponsible manufacturer power exchange between the two in order to introduce and sales unit, deceive consumers, one has to be careful when buying diesel generating sets. Diesel generating set is to belong to the power equipment of continuous running, if more than 12 hours of continuous running, the output power will be lower than the rated power of about 90%. If users need to long time continuous use, the need to configure the commonly used type of generating unit, is the generator set should consider the work units in power decrease this for a long time.

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