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shangchai power cylinder head and valve train components assembly
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:cylinder

1 before assembly cylinder cover, the body should be on the end face, piston at the top, and the inner wall of the cylinder jacket with a clean cotton cloth clean, cylinder pad on the body again, make a edge on side.

2 with cotton cloth clean the bottom of the cylinder cover, and then put the cylinder cover cylinder MATS, and put all the nuts, washers, do not put the nut. Note: the cylinder cover and the back plate and joins the two cylinder head gasket are spherical gaskets, Yin and Yang sag of the gasket should be put in the following.

3 fixed nut assembly, should from the middle two nut began to tighten (as shown in figure 11 to 25), namely from inside to outside according to the order of the diagonal intersection points and 2 ~ 3 times with a torque wrench fastening nut, torque of 245 ~ 265. Attention between two cylinder cover nut and between the cylinder cover and plate nut, must according to provisions of diagonal tightened to again after the bolt tightening torque.

4 according to the technical requirements after tight cylinder cover nut, valve tappet internal clean again, into the side of the body after coated with oil hole, then the valve into the groove of the push rod in the middle of the tappet.

5 rocker arm assembly into the cylinder cover plane, then install the injector into the cylinder cover.

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