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Fuel injection pump and governor of the fault
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:plunger

(1) Bruise on assembly genset enginetime of maintenance, fuel injection pump plunger, oil valve seat, tightening torque ambassador plunger sleeve deformation, impurities into the vice clearance plunger and plunger sleeve positioning bolt on the gasket is too thin or too long so that when the top die plunger sleeve assembly, etc all can cause the fuel injection pump plunger hangs or be stuck in the largest oil position.

(2) the fuel injection pump plunger oil amount adjustment ring gear set screw loosening the plunger out of control.

(3) the fuel injection pump plunger adjustment arm or toothed bar adjustment arm ball head is not adjust fork groove, the plunger in the biggest oil position.

(4) the accelerator pedal lever or oil-supplied regulating activity parts of the gear lever and governor binding, fuel control gear lever and governor rod.

(5) governor, excessive oil viscosity is too big or too dirty, leading to higher speed governor when heavy hammer is not outward in time off, lost control of speed governor rod or tooth stem.

(6) at full speed governor for fly ball skew or thrust plate force plate chute cant wear and make fly ball sliding resistance increases to be off.

(7) fuel valve spring force too weak or broken, fuel injection pressure is too low, lead to excess fuel oil cylinder.

(8) governor fly ball pin broke off and fly ball to jilt to take off.

These reasons make the engine speed increases, and the speed characteristic of plunger type fuel injection pump and the fuel supply quantity increases with the increase of rotational speed, which can lead to speed and oil promote each other to form vicious circle, speeding caused the accident.

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