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The correct maintenance of diesel generator parts
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1, correct generatormaintenance of diesel engine fire pump, general is to prepare preventive maintenance, this is the easiest and most economical maintenance, but also prolong the service life and reduce the cost of the key.

2, check the fuel injection pump speed governor oil plane: if you do not meet the scribed line mark, should add foot oil (no scale on some of the fuel injection pump speed, can save this step).

3, check the oil in the oil sump plane: to observe whether the oil level reaches the oil gauge scribed line on the tags, when should be added to the specified amount, but no more than scale scribed line of upper limit.

4, check the adequacy of the water in the tank, found that lack of water in water tank should be added in time, to join the water should be clean and fresh water, such as water or clean water. If direct use of groundwater, easy to form scale inside the water tank, affect the cooling effect and cause failure, therefore, groundwater softens rear can use. In the north (ambient temperature below freezing), must according to the local minimum temperature configuration appropriate freezing point of antifreeze.

5, to check whether there is sufficient water pump injection point of lubricating grease, unload the zerk of diesel engine on the circulating pump to observe whether the grease inside is enough, such as insufficient, application of oil gun to inject sufficient lubrication grease inside.

6, check the fuel injection pump drive connection plate: check connection screw loose, if loose, should be recalibrated fuel injection advance Angle, and screw down the bolt connection.

7, clean diesel engine and accessories appearance: wipe with dry cloth or soak diesel dishcloth fuselage, turbocharger, cylinder head cover, air about qing wares such as oil, water and dust on the surface; Wipe clean or with compressed air blowing off the dust on the surface of the charging generator, radiator, fan, etc.

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