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Diesel generator governor is stability conditions that must be met
Update:2017-02-04 Tags:governor

The function of the governor600kw diesel generator price is working in the diesel engine speed range, can be as the change of external load diesel engine, and automatically adjust supply fish to maintain the machine speed basically stable. Diesel generator set of governor is stability conditions that must be met.

(1) when the diesel generator set speed and set value appeared deviation, governor can react accordingly action, at the same time, must often have a role in restoring force make the governor reply original state. Spring is in a centrifugal governor to produce restoring force of the parts. The governor says the static stability of governor. But the static stability of governor may also appear in the process of adjusting dynamic instability, when adjustment action appears excessive and reverse adjustment, adjust action can form an oscillation process. Make oscillation can soon attenuation speed governor, called dynamic and stable speed governor, otherwise is the dynamic instability of governor, which can guarantee the normal work of the machine.

(2) increase in regulating system damping is one way to improve the dynamic stability. Adjust the system damping, friction of motion pair, for example, the governor has certain sensitivity, namely when the control shaft speed slightly deviated from its value, the governor does not produce the corresponding action. Insensitivity of mechanical governor general is about 1% of its value. High sensitivity of the governor, also due to the normal operation of unit should not have the speed of the cyclical fluctuations of regulating action.

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