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Diesel generator oil leakage phenomenon is caused by what reason
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The diesel generator setgenerator 300kva price (one and two way mains interruption, UPS orders, mouth when the battery dc to ac inverter supply work load. Then redundant parallel operation of diesel generating set is starting up, through the automatic transfer switch (ATS) to switch to directly provide UPS like the mains electricity, thus make UPS and usual rely on ac uninterrupted for power equipment. Then redundant parallel operation of diesel generating set not only provide good performance of the electric power for UPS, and provides a highly reliable electricity; If running a sets of problems exiting in parallel, will take full load is still normal operation of other units. Visible redundant parallel operation of the unit completely replace the function of mains power supply.

High pressure oil pipe connection part of the oil may be composed of high pressure tubing, fuel injector, fuel pump connection caused by untight seal, seal cone generating set. By examining, weifang diesel engine parts, after rule out the leak reason of fuel injection pump, fuel injector check high-pressure tubing finished cold heading cone conformed to the drawings requirements, curved size without error. Due to the vibration of the high pressure oil pipe and high-pressure tubing bending shape error caused by installation stress, both may increase sealing cone sealing is lax.

In order to ensure the accuracy requirement of the seal cone shape, size, recommended in high pressure oil pipe connection after a head cold heading forming, tubing bending shape before, add a finishing grinding cone process, through grinding equipments guarantee the precise of cone sizes and shapes, general every root high-pressure tubing grinding 0.02 ~ 0.05 mm, to form a complete accurate cone, individual to grinding more than 1.0 mm. Even in the cold heading forming on the case storage, can thoroughly solve the problem of the parts damaged.

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