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Generator safety technology operating rules
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1. The fixed type generator generator

shall be installed indoors, the bottom must be firm and mobile generators before the operation of the generator should be according to the fixed the Ottoman empire, and adopt defensive canopy.

2, the body up sand box near or dry extinguishing fire equipment, fire destroyed generator stops running.

3. Generators switchboard or to all electrical equipment, wires, insulation must be good, the joints should be firm and props will be in the air, don't drag on the ground.

4, prior to the start, should first check the status and operation is forbidden line, on the one hand, contact pressure line or cleaning.

5. After repair, generator, starting operation must check no tools or other items left between rotor and stator.

6. Use of generators long-term disability, should check the coil insulation, insulation resistance shall not be less than the required standard, otherwise must be dry before use.

7, the operation of the operator shall not be allowed to leave the generator, the generator should be paid attention to every part of the voice, observation instrument, abnormal, stop the machine immediately after check and repair can continue to work.

8 days running check and slip ring, commutator, insulating gloves should be worn shoes, close to the exciter rotor, slip ring, rubber mat laying on the floor.

9. The generator does not allow the use of overload.

Distribution board should be kept clean, regular inspection instruments.

11, generator operating temperature shall not exceed the original manufacturers specified values, such as high temperature should check, fault diagnosis can continue to work.

12. The generator should be according to the internal combustion engine to diesel safety technology operating rules.

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