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Diesel generator maintenance resolution how to properly clean generator parts
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The average generator supplyperson will think will be very clean, clean with gasoline and diesel parts better than water to clean, but the generating set manufacturer to tell you that not only waste of fuel, in addition, gasoline is easy to cause fire so general safety technical specifications are disabled gasoline cleaning parts.

Generating set manufacturer to suggest you use non-ionic surfactant and water mixture 5% aqueous solution, can substitute for gasoline, diesel oil is used for cleaning parts, fuel saving, non-toxic, environmental pollution is small, safe, low cost and parts of cleaning effect is good wait for an advantage, at present has been used at home and abroad.

Diesel generator maintenance methods:

1, check the supercharger.

2, repair or replace the pump.

3, check the valve clearance adjustment.

4, replace the rocker room pad up and down.

5, check the water tank and external cleaning.

6, check the motor excitation part line.

7, calibration instrument connections in the box.

8, clean or replace the air filter.

9, cleaning and calibration nozzle, fuel pump.

10, check electrical circuits in diesel generator set.

11, check the fan and support, and adjust the strap.

12, check or adjust the electronic speed working conditions.

13, overhaul one cylinder shaft and connecting rod wear.

14, on diesel generating sets lubrication point injection lubrication grease.

15, dismantled the rocker cover, and check valve guide, t pressure plate.

16, on diesel generator excitation part for dust removal work.

17, check the supercharger axial and radial clearance, such as error should be timely repair.

18, change oil, diesel oil, bypass, water filter, oil change and engine circulating water.

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