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Reduce the pollution of the diesel generator set
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:combustion

Combustion of diesel generating generatorset if it is not enough is easy to cause air pollution, serious when still can endanger the personal safety of operators. Today weifang huaquan power will teach you some tips by improving the fuel to reduce pollution.

1. The water inlet pipe, air inlet pipe is the main purpose of water absorption of heat and diluted fuel density. When a small amount of water into the combustion chamber and atomization, due to the effect of "micro explosion" of the water vapor droplets broken into smaller droplets, thus promoting the mixture formation and combustion. Due to the effect of heat of the water in the combustion process can make the maximum combustion temperature is reduced, the water mixed with oil injection can reduce fuel density, to further reduce the maximum combustion temperature, so the NOx emissions. It is important to note the winter storage tank to prevent frostbite, size and demand along with the load automatically adjust the volume of water, etc.

2. Emulsified diesel oil, water blending in diesel, emulsified diesel oil, due to its "badge" blasting effect, the fuel spray is good, well make indoor air to form strong turbulence, combustion of fuel and air distribution more uniform, the generated reduce carbon smoke. Water vapor of the water gas reaction also reduce carbon smoke emission. In addition, emulsified diesel oil can decrease the maximum combustion temperature, thus NOx generation decreases. The above two kinds of practice is to promote through the adjustment of fuel oil burning, burning full after natural emissions of harmful gas becomes less, to reduce environmental pollution, protect the safety of working environment is quite effective.

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