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The principle of diesel engine stopped diagnosis
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:stopped

Present all kinds of dieselgenerator 400kva price engine stopped, the city along with all kinds of different very occur, such as exhaust take white smoke, black smoke, water and air; Unstable operation; The tapping; The water temperature is too high (bring); The water with oil, the oil in water; Have rubber burning smell; Many consumption, water consumption, etc.

These phenomena is the signal of diesel engine happen stopped. Generator can through own senses: when checking to see, ears hear, touch, nose to smell and so on, all kinds of stopped reception through analysis, identify the stopped, make accurate judgment, squeezed out in a timely manner.

Diesel engine stopped diagnosis principle, make clear break up phenomenon, partition layout and the principle of comprehensive analysis; From simple to complex, from appearance to the outside; According to the screening system block development; Find out why break up, avoid blind assembly.

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