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Small diesel generator set development in the direction of the green power generators
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:diesel

The new development 50kw diesel generator priceof small high speed diesel engines: number has reached the European III emission standards. Along with the progress of the diesel engine technology in recent years, especially the new development of the small high-speed diesel engine, a batch of advanced technologies, such as electronic direct injection, common rail, turbocharged and inter-cooled technology can be used in small diesel engine, make originally the disadvantages of the diesel engine has been better solved, and the advantage in energy saving and CO2 emissions of diesel engine, are all heat engines, including gasoline engine, can't replace, therefore, the advanced small high-speed diesel engine, the number has reached the European III emission standards, to become a "green engine", at present has become the European and American many new cars power plant, predictably, there will be more and more diesel cars in our country.

The characteristics of the diesel engine, thermal efficiency and economical efficiency is good, diesel engine using compressed air to improve the air temperature, air temperature more than diesel combustion ignition point, then mixed diesel, diesel spray and spray into the air at the same time their ignition burning. Therefore, diesel engine without ignition system. At the same time, the diesel engine fuel supply system is relatively simple, therefore the reliability of the diesel engine is better than gasoline engines. Not restricted by detonation and the need of diesel combustion, the diesel engine's compression ratio is very high. Are better than gasoline engine thermal efficiency and economy, and at the same time under the condition of the same power, engine torque, maximum power at low speed, is suitable for the use of the truck.

Now the appearance of small diesel generator set gradually changed the shortcoming of traditional diesel generating sets, small diesel generator is developing in the direction of the green power generators.

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