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Why supercharged diesel engine in the oil is not the same as ordinary diesel engine
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:engine

Modern diesel engines genset containerare increasingly using the turbocharger and turbocharger can improve diesel engine power and improve economic performance. Diesel engine using the turbocharger after engine with high power, low fuel consumption, less pollution, indicated power and effective power are raised, is to improve the mechanical efficiency, nature can

obviously improve the high load operation of economy.

Supercharger has two function, a function of the scavenging pump, another for diesel engine air. Scavenge pump turbine, drive the rotor running at the same time remove waste gas, working to provide compressed air, the air, through the work, after the diffuser increased pressure and temperature.

Diesel engine oil supply system is relatively simple, so the reliability of the diesel engine is better than gasoline engine. In the case of the same power, engine torque, low speed of maximum power. With the progress of diesel engine technology in recent years, especially the new development of the small high-speed diesel engine, a batch of advanced technology used in small diesel engines, gives the disadvantages of the original diesel engine are solved.

Supercharged diesel engine power, the heavy load, high temperature, easy to produce coking and coking, high-grade diesel engine oil has strong security and good resistance to high temperature oxidation of detergency, can effectively prevent piston wear, and ordinary diesel engine is difficult to meet the condition of supercharged diesel engine demanding requirements.

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