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Oil pump and oil sump assembly
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1 with hoisting generator prices pakistantools put the diesel on the frame, put the oil pump seat adjustment gasket is good, and then put the oil pump assembly to the installation of the lower part of the body seat, and the screw according to the requirements of technology.

2 feeler gauge for testing oil pump drive gear and idle gear meshing clearance, the clearance value is generally 0.12 ~ 0.35 mm, too big or too hours can achieve technical requirements by adjusting the thickness of the gasket.

3 assembly suction tubing and filter.

4 coating on the surface of the upper end face and the oil pan under the body good sealant, put the oil pan gasket, the upper surface and the body position when that is, first fixed the set screw, on both sides of the middle and then other screw according to technical requirements.

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